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Welcome to Laurel Point Cemetery

Laurel Point Cemetery was named for the mountain laurel that covered the area.  Records indicate that although burials began in the 1830's, the cemetery was not incorporated until 1864, however, due to a filing error at that time, the cemetery was incorporated again in 2015.  Headstone inscriptions reveal that children were among the first burials at Laurel Point.

Many of the older headstones and monuments carved by George W. Daugherty, local stone mason,  whose work was all done by hand.  

Laurel Point Cemetery Association, Inc.,  is a non-profit organization managed by a Board of Directors who are all volunteers.

Laurel Point Cemetery 2017 - CA028HS.JPG

Information and Contacts

For more information or questions regarding Laurel Point Cemetery, please contact:

Carole Gideon


Phone:  724-966-2077 or 724-966-2731


Searching for an ancestor or loved one?  Memorials have been added to for all those buried at Laurel Point.  Click here to go the website.

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