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The Daugherty House

Project House 1

The Carmichaels Area Historical Society has acquired this dwelling on North Market Street.

From researched documents, we know that from 1767 to 1796 James Carmichael once owned the property in Old Town and Carmichaels.  He owned 1 Grist Mill, 1 Saw Mill and 1 Tan Yard on the banks of Muddy Creek.  He later sold 1 Grist Mill, 1 Saw Mill and 1 Tan Yard on the banks of Muddy Creek to Richard Gregg.

James Carmichael gave a portion of his land for the building of the Episcopal Church in 1790, which was constructed from local quarried stone.  We know this building today as the Greene Academy.  The deed states that the church adjoined the property of his Mill on Muddy Creek.  

James Carmichael warranted a portion of his patented land to Francis Seaton (his wife's family), which was called 'Elizabeth'.  Francis Seaton operated a Mill, a Store (the Muddy Creek Store) and a Tavern House on the banks of Muddy Creek in what we know as Old Town.

It appears that the foundation of this dwelling is made of the same local quarried stone as the Episcopal Church.  The original structure, at one time,  was only 1 story.  The second story was added between 1902 and 1922.

Verbal history records this as being an Old Mill House with a water wheel in the back.   Documented history for 1865 shows this as a School house and later, in 1876, a Marble Shop where headstones were made.  

The goal is to open this to the public as a Museum featuring the mill, the school and the marble shop.

We are losing far too many of our historic homes and buildings.  If you would like to help in any way in the restoration of this dwelling, please contact us at 724-710-9248 Monday thru Friday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.  OR by email at:

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